A Letter To God class 10 Extra Questions & Answers

 Hello students ones again welcome back to our new article, in this article we are going to show you some extra Questions And Answers of chapter a letter to God.

A letter to God extra questions Answers

Short Answers

Question 1. How was Lencho sure that it was going to rain? 

Answer: Lencho knew his fields intimately and he could predict the weather by looking at the sky. His experienced eyes saw clouds and he predicted rain.

Question 2 What promised a good harvest?

Answer: Lencho felt that the field of ripe corn dotted with flowers always promised a good harvest. That is why he was anticipating a good harvest. Question 3. How did Lencho's prediction about rain come true? Answer: Lencho had looked towards the north-east and remarked that they would get some water. His prediction came true when it started raining in the evening.

Question 4. Why did Lencho go out?

Answer: Lencho was eagerly awaiting for the rain which could be good for his crops. So he went out to have the pleasure of feeling the rain on his body.

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Question 5 "It's really getting bad now." What was getting bad and how?

Answer: Lencho was happy when it started raining. But the rain and the weather were getting bad. A strong wind was blowing and hailstones were falling.

Question 6. Why was the family not really upset?

Answer: Though Lencho's family was facing ruin, yet they were not really upset. It was because having immense faith in God, they were confident that God would help them.

Question 7. Why did the postmaster send a reply to Lencho's first letter addressed to God?

Answer: The postmaster "was a generous and amiable man. He was impressed by Lencho's firm faith in God. To sustain that faith, the postmaster sent a reply to Lencho. 

Question 8. Why was Lencho angry when he received the letter?

Answer: The postmaster could raise only 70 pesos which he sent to Lencho,supposedly from God. Lencho was angry to find 30 pesos less than the amount he asked for. He was angry because he thought the post office employees had kept 30 pesos sent to him by God.

Question 9. How was Lencho helped?

Answer: The postmaster, a kind-hearted and generous man, read Lencho's letter addressed to God. To sustain his faith, the postmaster raised money from friends and colleagues and sent it to Lencho, in the name of God. 

Question 10. Do you think the post-office employees were 'a bunch of crooks'? 

Answer: No, they were kind, generous and helpful people. The postmaster contributed a part of his salary and motivated his friends and colleagues for a charitable cause. So they were not a bunch of crooks.

Long Answer Type 

Question 1. Bring out Lencho's immense faith in God.

Answer: Lencho wanted some rain for his crop. The ripe com stood proud in the field and promised a good harvest. Rain came, as he predicted but turned to hail and ruined his crop. Lencho's heart was filled with sorrow. But he did not lose heart. He had firm belief in God. He wrote a letter to God, asking him to send 100 pesos so that he could sow his field again. He dropped the letter in the mail. The postmaster read the letter addressed to 'God' and to preserve the man's faith in God, he raised 70 pesos and sent them to Lencho. Lencho could not believe that God had made a mistake. He wrote again asking God to send the rest of the money, but not through mail. He believed that the post office employees were 'a bunch of crooks'. Question 2. How was Lencho's crop destroyed? How did he ask God for help?


How did the hailstones affect Lencho's field? What was Lencho's only hope? 

Answer: Being a farmer, Lencho was completely dependent upon the crops of his field. Once a heavy downpour occurred. Along with rain large hailstones also started falling. As a result the field turned white as if it had been covered with salt all over. His annual crop was completely destroyed. Even there was not a single flower left on the plants. In the entire village there was no one to help him in the lurch. Being a firm believer in God, he turned to the Almighty for the help. He wrote a letter requesting him to send 100 pesos so that he might sow his fields again till the next crop comes. He had a belief that God would certainly help him with the money. 

Question 3. "I wish I had the faith of the man who wrote this letter." In the light of this statement describe Lencho's character.

Answer: As soon as the postmaster received and read the letter written by Lencho to God, he expressed his feelings by referring to Lencho's faith in God. Lencho, the writer of the letter was a simple farmer. He had a firm belief in God. Once, when his crop was destroyed by hailstones, he turned to God for help. He wrote a letter believing that God would not leave them to die of hunger and starvation. When he received a packet full of money, he was not the least surprised. Being simple in mind and generous by soul, he never knew that some generous soul had sent him the money in the name of God.

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