A Question of Trust Summary Class 10 English

 As we all know that our school notebooks uses a complex knowledge for chapter writing, so many of students don't able to understand the chapter.

So in this article I have explained the whole chapter A Question of Trust Summary in simple language o that anyone can understand it ,so  let's start the summary of chapter A Question of Trust.

A question of trust summary class 10 English

A Question of Trust Summary (gist)

This story is about a thief who gets a taste of his own deeds. During his burglary attempt at a big house he is cheated by a lady, who claims herself to be the owner of the house but in reality, is also a thief like him.

A question of trust (theme)

THEME - It doesn't matter how pious one's objective is, a crime is a crime and one has to face the consequences of it. The other themes could be that never trust a person without fully knowing fully about her/him and 'ends do not justify the means.'

Summary of a question of trust (point wise)


• Horace Danby, fifty years old, unmarried enjoyed the reputation of a successful lock maker. But he wasn't completely honest.

• Having a hobby of collecting rare and expensive books, he robbed a safe every year.

• Horace planned to rob a safe at Shotover Grange. He had acquired all the related information of the house as the absence of the owner and the servants, and the wiring of the alarm bell. 
• When Horace entered the house, he felt uneasy with the presence of flowers as he had an allergy to flowers. He started sneezing.

• As he started his work, he, to his surprise, heard the voice of a young lady suggesting a cure to his ailment. The way she behaved left no doubt in Horace's mind that she was the owner of the house.

• The first thought came to Horace's mind was to run but could not because she had threatened to inform the police. He tried a plan to treat the lady in the right way and requested her to let him go and forget the incident.

• The lady agreed to his proposal, but on one condition - he had to open the safe as she had forgotten the combination of the safe. She also said that she had to wear the jewels for a party that night.

• Trusting her fully, and hoping to save himself from the arrest, Horace opened the safe and handed her jewels.

• A couple of days later, police came and arrested Horace for robbing jewelry at Shotover Grangs. Horace made a mistake. Thinking that he was helping the lady of the house, he opened the safe without gloves and left his fingerprints everywhere in the room.

• He told the police that he had opened the safe on the request of the lady of the house. The police didn't believe him as the lady of the house, again a surprise for the Horace, was 60 years old. 

• Then Horace realized that he had been tricked. The young lady was a jewel thief like him and her style of robbery was beyond his comprehension.
• Horace Danby is now in prison.

Character sketch of character in chapter "a Question of Trust"

Character sketch of Horace Danby

Horace Danby is the protagonist (the main character) of the story 'A Question of Trust'. He was fifty years old and was unmarried. He was running a successful business of lock making. He was a reputed person. Those who knew him considered him honest but the reality was that he was not completely honest. He had a hobby of collecting rare and expensive books. He did not enough to fulfill his desire of books. So, he robbed a safe to last for a year. He had never been caught before because he was meticulous in his planning of robbery. He made an elaborate plan before robbery. In the case of Shotover Grange, he studied the house very cleverly and carefully. He had collected all the information related to the movement of the owners and servants of the house, electrical wiring, burglar alarm, etc.

Horace Danby was a successful robber but not smart enough to tackle a young lady who tricked him successfully.

Character sketch of The young lady thief at shotover Grange

Horace Danby was completely stumped when a young lady, dressed in red asked him what he was doing at Shotover Grange, when he was preparing to break open the safe there. The lady was young and pretty. She was confident. Her familiarity with the dog Sherry, her act of touching up her make-up and the ease with which she picked up a cigarette from the right place are done so perfectly that Horace had no doubt and took her to be the mistress of the house. Her balanced and confident behaviour made Horace so scared that he stopped thinking properly. She not only created a story but told it so perfectly to Horace that he believed it wholeheartedly without a trace of doubt. She was so smart that she made Horace everything she wished him to do.


In this article we have shown the students the " summary of chapter a Question of Trust" which is a story of a thief written by Victor Canning.

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