A Triumph Of Surgery Extra Questions And Answers

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Extra Questions answers of a Triumph Of surgery

A Triumph Of surgery Extra Questions And Answers:- 

Short answers type questions

Question 1."I think I know a cure for you". What was Dr Herriot's 'cure' for Tricki?

Answer: Seeing the miserable condition of Tricki Dr Herriot at once decides to keep him away from his mistress Mrs Pumphrey for a while. So, he suggested that Tricki should be hospitalized for about a fortnight as he had to be kept under observation.

Question 2. Why was Dr Herriot shocked at Tricki's appearance? 
Answer: Dr Herriot was shocked at Tricki's appearance because he had become hugely fat. His eyes looked bloodshot and rheumy and his tongue lolled from his jaws. He walked with great difficulty and looked like bloated sausage.

Question 3 "He had never been known to refuse food; he would tackle a meal at any hour of the day or night." Herriot believed that Tricki's problem was his greed. Was he right in believing so? Elucidate.
Answer: Dr. Herriot was not entirely wrong in believing that Tricki's problem was greed. Tricki was indeed greedy, but Mrs. Pumphrey only made matters worse by stuffing him with rich food. Tricki's ill-health made him concerned. Tricki, on the other hand, needed to exercise control on his eating habits Mrs. Pumphrey herself reveals that Tricki loved cream cakes and chocolates very much.

Question 4. Which two suggestions did Dr Herriot give to Mrs Pumphrey at the initial stage? Did she follow? 
Answer: Dr Herriot suggested Mrs Pumphrey to cut down on the sweet things given to Tricki. Heasked her to provide more exercise to the dog. Initially she tried to follow the doctor's advice but she couldn't keep up with it due to her excessive love for her dog.

Question 5. According to a popular quote-Where there is no struggle, there is no strength. In what way is this quote relevant to the events of the story? 
ANS: The quote given above is quite relevant to the events of the story. The beginning of the story proved that Tricki was lifeless because he did not struggle to digest his food. In the later part of the lesson, Dr Herriot authenticated that real strength comes only after struggle and hard work. He helped the dog to regain his strength by involving him in regular exercise and food regime. Food without exercise can lead to disease discomfort everyone.

Question 6. 'Privilege often confuses actual Evaluate statement reference Mrs Pumphrey. 
ANS: fact known clothes, playful toys, various utensils stay happy. But Pumphrey had provided these privileges animal. Being rich lady, these luxuries replaced the dog's actual needs and him and dull.

Question 7. Do you think the narrators decision to God reveal the actual treatment to Mrs pumfrey was unprofessional ?justify your stance
ANS: it was not unprofessional. Herriot knew that Mrs Pumphrey would never him to dog fasting which and natural treatment to save the dog. 

Question 8. Why was Tricki an uninteresting object for other dogs at the
Answer : when tricki was brought to surgery, all the household dogs surged around him but Tricki looked down noisy pack dull eyes and lay motionless uninteresting object and away from him.

Question 9. What evidence do you get from the text about Tricki's affluent
Answer: Tricki loved by mistress. She was very being. had whole wardrobe of clothes different weather, raincoat wet days. not. given rich diet including cream and chocolates which loved.

Question 10. Describe 'parting scene' between Tricki Mrs. Pumphrey's hold?
Answer: The only to save Tricki was take him away. When Herriot was was roused maids rushed and bringing day bed, night favourite toys and rubber rings and different bowls.
As Mr. Herriot moved off, Mrs. Pumphrey, with a despairing cry, threw an armful of the little coats through the window. Everybody was in tears. It was a sad and tearful parting


Question 1: Herriot enjoyed the lavish (costly) meal during Tricki's stay but still, he felt compelled (forced to do something) to inform Mrs. Pumphrey about the recovery of Tricki. Why did he not keep Tricki for a longer time? Did he feel concerned for Mrs. Pumphrey? Was it not in his attitude to break the trust of others. Discuss the values he possessed in 100-120 words. 
Answer: Tricki was a fat dog, the pet of Mrs. Pumphrey. He became listless and seemed to have no energy and fell ill. So, Mrs. Pumphrey called the veterinary surgeon, Dr. Herriot for help. Dr. Herriot took Tricki to his surgery. He kept an eye on him for two days and gave him no food but plenty of water. At the end of the second day, he started showing some interest in his surroundings and on the third day, began to whimper (cry) on the sound of dogs.

During his stay at the surgery, Mrs. Pumphrey started to bring round fresh eggs to a dozen at a time. She also sent bottles of wine and brandy for Tricki's health. But that was consumed by Mr. Herriot and his partners. Hence, Herriot enjoyed the stay of Tricki. He did not want to keep Tricki for a longer time because he felt concerned for Mrs. Pumphrey. He did not want to separate the pet from his owner. He could understand Mrs. Pumphrey's concern for the little dog. So, he returned him back.

Question 2: Mrs. Pumphrey says,This is A Triumph of Surgery. Why did she say so? Did she know what Tricki's ailment was?

Answer: Tricki was seriously ill. He refused food. He had bouts of vomiting. Mrs. Pumphrey was very much worried about him. She called Dr. Herriot who was a vet surgeon. Dr. Herriot knew about Tricki's disease. He took the dog to his surgery. He gave Tricki no food for two days. He gave him a lot of exercises. When Mrs. Pumphrey went to Dr. Herriot's surgery to take Tricki back she found him totally transformed. He had been very lazy and flabby. But now he had been transformed into a lithe and hard-muscled animal. All this made her say, "This is 'A Triumph of Surgery. No, Mrs. Pumphrey did not know about Tricki's ailment. She also did not know how he was cured.

Q3. "Over-pampering is not only bad for human but also for animals". Explain this statement in the light of the story "A Triumph of Surgery'.
"Kids or cubs need fondling but too much pampering may harm them". How far does it apply in the case of Tricki?

Answer: We all know that children are over-pampered by the parents due to their sentimental attachment...to them. In the story 'A triumph of Surgery' a dog Tricki is over-pampered by his wealthy mistress Mrs Pumphrey. She believes that her little dog is suffering from malnutrition so she gives him some little extras between meals to build him up, some malt and cod-liver oil and a bowl of Horlicks at night to make him sleep. Above all, he gets cream cakes and chocolates. To make things worse he had been doing no exercise. When Tricki is sent to Vet. Hospital, the entire staff of Mrs Pumphrey's house rush to bring his day bed, his night bed, favourite cushions, toys and rubber rings, breakfast bowl, lunch bowl, supper bowl. It all shows that Tricki has an affluent living.

Q4 is the narrator as rich as Tricki's mistress?
 Answer: Though not clearly stated, there are instances in the story which suggest that the narrator is not as rich as Tricki's mistress, Mrs Pumphrey. The narrator is able to provide Tricki with a warm loose box as a bed whereas at Mrs Pumphrey's house, Tricki has a day bed, a night bed, cushions, toys, rubber rings, a breakfast bowl, a lunch bowl, a supper bowl, a whole wardrobe of tweed coats and perhaps many more things. When he arrives to take the dog with him, Mrs Pumphrey has her entire staff at her disposal to transfer all of Tricki's belongings to the doctor's car.. Secondly, on hearing from the doctor about Tricki's gradual recovery, Mrs Pumphrey sends along two dozen eggs at a time, along with bottles of wine and brandy-all in order to help in Tricki's speedy recovery. Finally, when she calls upon the narrator to take her recovered dog back home, she comes in a chauffeur-driven "thirty feet of gleaming black metal" (an obvious reference to a limousine). All these instances point to the fact that Mrs Pumphrey lived a luxurious life.


In this article we knew some extra Questions and answers based on chapter a Triumph Of surgery of class 10 English.

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