Bholi Summary Class 10 English-Ncert Notes

 As we all know that our school notebooks uses a complex language for chapter writing, so many of students don't able to understand the chapter.

So in this article I have explained the whole chapter Bholi Summary class 10 in simple language so that anyone can understand it ,so  let's start the summary of chapter Bholi.

Bholi class 10 summary English

Bholi Summary class 10 English(gist)

The story revolves around a girl who due to an accidental fall and disease in her childhood faces the problem of being dull and ugly. She is always a target by everyone for not being good-looking and intelligent. Her life turns when she joins a nearby school where her teacher encourages her and helps her to become a learned person. Later in the story, circumstances arise where Bholi has to give acceptance to the marriage with an unequal match. She rejects it when she sees her father pleading to the bridegroom when he demands dowry. The story shows the rise of a girl against social injustice.

Bholi class 10 summary(theme)

Bholi is the story of a village girl who was discriminated as she had pock-marks on her face, stammered and was considered to be a simpleton. Bholi suffered an attack of smallpox when she was just two years old. She damaged a part of her brain when she fell off from the cot. Education transformed 'a dumb cow' into a fearless and courageous girl. First, she agreed to many an unequal match, Bishamber, just to maintain the honour of the family. Her father, Ramlal, put even his turban at the feet of the greedy bridegroom. He accepted to many a girl with pock-marks only after getting 5000 rupees as dowry. Bholi showed the courage of throwing away the ceremonial garland into the fire. She refused to have a mean, greedy and contemptible coard like Bishamber Nath as her husband.

Summary of bholi class 10 (keypoints)

Value points--

•Bholi, the fourth daughter of Numberdar Ramlal in a village, was a simple and pock-marked girl. Her real name was Sulekha.

•At ten months she fell off her cot, damaging her brain and making her a simpleton.

• At two years she was a victim of small pox, which left her pock-marked.

• She learnt to talk at five years, but used to stammer.

• When a primary school was opened in the village, the Tehsildar told Ramlal to send his daughters to school.

•Though Ramlal's wife felt that sending daughters to school affected their chances of marriage, Bholi's parents decided to send Bholi to school because they felt she would be difficult to get married anyway as she is ugly.

•Bholi was initially afraid of going to school, but due to the encouragement of her teacher, she continued her studies.

• After a few years the village became a small town and Bholi received an offer of marriage from a widower who was lame but rich. He also did not ask for any dowry.

•At the time of the wedding, the bridegroom saw Bholi's pock-marked face and demanded? 5000 as dowry, which Ramlal gave.

•Bholi refused to marry the greedy widower. She later on said that she will take care of her parents and teach in the same school where she got her education.

Character Sketch of chapter Bholi

The character sketches of chapter Bholi of class 10 English are given below.

Character sketch of bholi

Character sketch of BHOLI

Bholi was a neglected child, fourth daughter of Ramlal who was a revenue official of the village. Bholi had suffered pox in her childhood which left marks on her face and also a head injury which made her mind slower than a normal child of her age. She learned to speak late and stammered. She was illiterate and was looked down upon by her family and other villagers.

Her medical condition and others' behavior towards her made her an underconfident and introvert. She was like any other child who was fond of her pet cow Lakshmi. Her hesitation to go to school shows that she was also unaware of age-old customs and traditions but still understood them as something bad and feared them.

After getting education and encouragement from her teacher, she became a confident, easy speaking and a kind girl.

Character sketch of bholi's mother

Character sketch of Bholi's Mother.
Bholi's mother was a typical age-old village woman. She had very orthodox thinking. She believed that girls should not be sent to school for education, otherwise no one will marry them. She never thought high of Bholi. She called her the 'dumb cow'.

Bholi was never taken care of by her. She was provided with the old worn

clothes of her sister. Neither she was bathed daily. Nor was her hair maintained. She was just neglected by her parents. Her parents only wanted to get rid off her. The only way was the marriage. But as she was not good looking, finding a good groom was difficult. So, they agreed to marry her with Bishamber who was of the same age as Ramlal. This decision was also influenced by Bholi's mother. Who convinced Ramlal to marry her to Bishambar. As she thought no one would marry Bholi anyway. She considered Bholi a kind of burden and worried for her marriage. She ignored the age gap between Bholi and Bishambar.

Character Sketch of Ramlal

Character Sketch of Ramlal (In Detail):- Ramlal was Bholi's father. He was quite traditional in his outlook. He was a revenue official (numberdar) in the village. He was quite prosperous. He had seven children- four daughters and three sons. He had sent his son to city for education. But he did not provide any education to his daughters.

Ramlal had very traditional thinking. He married off his quite early. However, he was worried about Bholi, as she was neither good-looking nor had natural mental condition. Ramlal did not want Bholi to send to the school. Still, he had to send Bholi to school as he was a representative of government to his village. Sending his girls to school would make a precedence. However, He sent Bholi to school as no one will marry her anyways because of her pox marked face.

Character Sketch of Bholi's Teacher

Bholi's teacher was a kind-hearted, mature, determined and bold woman who knew the value of girls' education in the society. She realised the need for equal educational and social rights for boys and girls in the public sphere and was quite precise in her every action as a teacher.

Bholi's teacher played a very important role in changing her life. She was the first one to have spoken to her affectionately. She encouraged her to speak out her name without any fear. She gave her a book, thereby aiming to inculcate in her the desire to learn.

Character sketch of Bishember Nath

Bishamaber was a lame and rich man. He was as old as Bholi's father. He agreed to marry Bholi without any dowry. When Bishamber saw the pock- marks on Bholi's face, he demanded five thousand rupees from Ramlal.

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