Footprints Without Feet summary class 10 English

As we all know that our school notebooks uses a complex knowledge for chapter writing, so many of students don't able to understand the chapter.

So in this article I have explained the whole chapter Footprints without Feet Summary in simple language o that anyone can understand it ,so  let's start the summary of chapter Footprints without feet.

Footprints without feet Summary class 10

Footprints without feet Summary (gist)

GIST OF THE LESSON -- Griffin, a brilliant scientist, invented a drug which could make him invisible. It was a great discovery. He could use it for the welfare of human society. Instead he used it as a weapon to take revenge, commit crime and to loot and rob people of their money. He was a lawless person.

Footprints without feet theme English class 10

THEME - Like everything, science is also a two-edged sword. It can be used both ways - constructively and destructively. Unfortunately, the protagonist of the story, Griffin, the scientist, uses his invention for destructive purposes.

Summary of Footprints without feet Class 10 English

• To their surprise, two boys on the streets of London spotted fresh muddy footprints of bare feet without the presence of any person walking there. It was a mystery for them.

•The explanation to the mystery was that a scientist named Griffin had discovered something which could make his body transparent like glass and hence invisible to others and it was he who was walking on the streets of London invisibly.

• Being a lawless person, Griffin set ablaze his landlord's house in revenge and ran away. He had to remove his clothes to be invisible.

• Being winter season, the cold forced him to enter a big store and hide there. At night, he put on new clothes, fed himself from the store restaurant and went to sleep.

• He woke up late and was found by the store staff. They chased him. Again, he had to remove his clothes to escape from there.

•Then, he entered a theatrical company where he wore bandages on his face, bushy side whiskers, a false nose and dark glasses. Before leaving the company, he robbed the owner and left London for a village to escape arrest.

•In the village, he stayed in an inn owned by Mrs. Hall. To explain his odd look, he told Mrs. Hall that he had met with an accident. He also instructed her not to be disturbed. Soon the money he looted from the theatre company finished.

•Mrs. Hall asked for rent. He lied that he was waiting for money by mail. To pay Mrs. Hall, he robbed a clergyman's house. For this act, again, he had to be invisible by removing his clothes.

•Same day, suspicious of his activities, Mr. and Mrs. Hall entered Griffin's room. They were attacked by the furniture of the room. Mrs. Hall considered it the act of a haunted spirit.

• The clergyman reported the burglary to the police and the whole village including Mrs. Hall was of the opinion that her eccentric guest had something to do with it because he had paid the bill without having received any money through mail.

• Resultantly, the village policeman came to arrest Griffin but he saw a bizarre sight where people were struggling with a man who was becoming more and more invisible every passing minute. Griffin used his power and kicked the policeman and ran away.

Character sketch of  footprints without feet characters

Here are the character sketches of character from story footprints without feet are given below:- 

1. Character sketch of Griffin

Griffin was a brilliant scientist as he had discovered a drug which could make a man's body transparent as a sheet of glass when few drops of it were swallowed. He chose himself as the first person to test the drug. He was successful. But he was also a lawless person, he misused it to his selfish purposes.

He was the person who loved solitude. He wasn't a social person. In fact, he could be called anti-social as he was short-tempered and ready to take offense with anyone. He became homeless, and later lawless as he looted things, robbed people of their money and even assaulted them misusing his discovery. He did not even hesitate to attack a policeman in a village. All these things are enough to say that even though he was a great scientist, he was lawless, eccentric and committed many crimes.


In this article we have shown you summary of chapter Footprints without feet in simple words , so that anyone can understand it easily.

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