The Book That saved the Earth summary class 10 English

As we all know that our school notebooks uses a complex language for chapter writing, so many of students don't able to understand the chapter.

So in this article I have explained the whole chapter The book that saved the earth Summary class 10 in simple language so that anyone can understand it ,so  let's start the summary of chapter the book that saved the earth.

The book that saved the earth class 10 summary English

The book that saved the earth summary class 10 (gist)


The Book That Saved the Earth', a play written by Claire Bioko, is a fictional, comic drama about a book of nursery rhymes called "Mother Goose." The play's plot is set in the twentieth century, and it depicts an attempt by a Martian named Think-Tank and his crew to attack Earth. The play consists of imaginary characters having strange names such as mighty Chief Think-Tank, Apprentice Noodle, Captain Omega, Lieutenant lota and Sergeant Oop.

The book that saved the earth (theme)


The play 'The Book that Saved the Earth' is based on the theme that half-fed knowledge is always dangerous. It also tells how an old book of rhymes 'Mother Goose' saved the world from Martian invasion. The play set in the 25th century. The play begins with great and mighty Think-Tank with the people of Mars Central Control.

The Book that Saved the Earth' is a story that revolves around a book of nursery rhyme titled 'the Mother Goose' that has been picturised as the book that saved the earth from an alien attack. The story begins with a historian who describes to the audience that how one day in the twentieth century Martians planned to attack the earth. Their crew landed in a library on earth; they tried to find out the meaning of the content of the books. There they came across a rhyme on Humpty dumpty which resembles their master Think tank. They all get terrified with the idea of their master's losing control over Mars because of humans and cancel their plan of invading earth.

Summary of chapter The book that saved the earth class 10 English

1. The story is set in the distant 25th Century where a historian is narrating a tale of past glories. She is especially excited about the 20th Century which was also called as the 'the century of books".

2. The name was not just because there were many excellent books written in that era but particularly due to a special incident. On that day a book saved the planet and human race from an alien invasion from Mars.

3. Starting the narration, the historian informs the reader about the leader or commander-in-chief of the Martians called Think Tank. His wise advisor is called Noodle.

4. They commanded a space probe to land on the Earth and explore its mysteries in order to plan their assault. The invaders were obnoxious and arrogant and considered themselves farsuperior than humans whom they called 'Earthlings'.

5. The probe team consisted of Captain Omega, Sergeant Oop and Lieutenant lota. The first place they entered was the Central Public Library. Looking at the building and its contents, Think Tank believed that it was a place that sold food.

6. The books were some sort of sandwiches for him. Trying to ascertain that one Martian even bit off a piece from one book. Noodle then guessed that they were communication devices for ears. But since they did not make any sounds, he corrected himself and claimed that they were visual communication devices.

7. The team decided to use some intelligence enhancing capsules and tried decoding the text in one of the books. They opened a book of nursery rhymes with Mother Goose on the cover.

8. lota read one rhyme and thought humans had taught their animals the mystery of music while Omega read the nursery rhyme which hinted that humans knew both mining and farming.

9. Finally, Oop opened and read the rhyme called 'Humpty Dumpty'. The picture of Humpty Dumpty was similar to the appearance of Think Tank, the Martian leader.

10. Furthermore, the story had Humpty Dumpty having a great fall which Think Tank assumed as a direct threat to his Martian throne. Frightened by the prospect of a human invasion, Think Tank ordered the probe to return instantly and left the planet without any sign.

11. The historian further tells the audience that few centuries later the human race contacted their Martian neighbours once again and entered a peaceful arrangement of co-existence and friendship. Martians had a new leader by then, the wise and compassionate Noodle.

12. Humans also developed impressive and grand libraries on Mars to inculcate a love for reading in Martians. However, they could never get their hands on one particular book, the book with 'Mother Goose' on the cover.

Character sketch of chapter the book that saved the earth

Here the character sketches of chapter the book that saved the earth are given below.

Character sketch of Think- Tank


1. Think-Tank-- can be regarded as the anti-hero of the play. Although he had been declared as the commander of the Mars Space Control and was regarded as the most powerful and intelligent creature in the Universe yet he was actually foolish and cowardly. He could not figure out the function of books in a library. Compared to the other Martians he was cruel and proud. He was more of an obstinate dictator. He was by no means a good and  dedicated leader. 
He was cowardly and wanted to escape from Earth deserting his fellow Martians. He was also very impractical and irrational. He did not use logic to resolve difficult issues. Instead he chose to flee. Thus, he is the anti-hero of the story.

2. Character sketch of Noodle 

Noodle is a character in the story "The Book that saved the Earth". Noodle is the apprentice of Think-tank. He is a smart and intelligent

fellow. Though he is the one, to make right decisions, he makes sure that his boss gets all the praise. This shows his modesty and humility. He is good at handling tasks by himself. He is wise and uses logical reasoning, which is evident in the way he recognizes that the books are some means of communication. He is also a great leader, which can be seen in the conclusion of the play. After 500 years, the people of earth are in good relationship with Martians with Noodle as the commander.

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