The Making of A Scientist Summary class 10 English

As we all know that our school notebooks uses a complex knowledge for chapter writing, so many of students don't able to understand the chapter.

So in this article I have explained the whole chapter The Makin of scientist Summary in simple language so that anyone can understand it ,so  let's start the summary of chapter The Making of A Scientist.

The making of a scientist Summary class 10

The making of a scientist Summary (gist)

 The story is about Richard H. Ebright who grew up in the town of Reading in Pennsylvania, USA. As he did not have much to do there, collecting things was his hobby. He used to collect butterflies as a child in kindergarten. Let's read how this curious child who collected butterflies went on to become one of the greatest scientists of the world.

Theme summary of the making of a scientist

THEME: Achievements are for those who have a will to win for the right reasons. They also have curiosity, persistence and strong will power. Richard Ebright had all these qualities. He and his mother knew very well how to channelize his curiosity

Summary of the making of a scientist (key points)

• At 22, Richard's article on how cells work was published in a prestigious science journal, his lifetime achievement.

•Richard was a single child of his mother and didn't have friends to play with. So his mother encouraged him to collect things like coins, fossils and butterflies.

•His mother supported him in every way. She bought and arranged equipment he needed.

•His mother bought him a book 'The Travels of Monarch X' which paved the way to science to him.

•He not only collected but also raised butterflies at home. Participating in a research programme he tagged them. The programme didn't work.

•He participated in a local science fair with a slide of frog cells as his project and did not win any award.

•From his old experience, he sought advice from Mr. Urquhart for the project. He changed his approach and won awards at each science fair every year.

•He won awards at the County level and at International Science fair. His work on Viceroy butterflies won him the first position. He discovered a hormone necessary for the growth of monarch butterfly.

•He was twice given the opportunity to continue his research at Army laboratory and at laboratory of the US Department of Agriculture.

•He spent a year at Harvard. Later he went back to the laboratory to discover the chemical structure of the hormone responsible for the gold spots on the monarch pupa. 

•He kept moving forward and discovered how the cells read their DNA.

•His theory is so path-breaking that in future it may open the gate for finding the treatment of serious diseases such as cancer.
• He secured second position at Harvard. Besides a scientist, he was also a good orator, debater, public speaker and photographer.

Character sketch of character The making of a scientist

Here are character sketches of casts given below of chapter making of a scientist.

Character sketch of Richard H Bright


The story is about the making of a scientist, Richard Ebright. He becomes a scientist because he has all the ingredients of being a scientist. He had a first-rate, curious mind and the will to win for the right reason. In fact, he had all the distinguished characteristics of a scientist. He had a sharp mind, a will to succeed and driving curiosity. That's why he started collecting things from his childhood - coins, fossils and butterflies.

Both at school or university, his experiments and research work continued. He worked hard on every project and won prizes every time except one. He was awarded with the opportunity to work in well-equipped of Army and Agriculture Department Laboratories.

He was a multi-faceted person. Richard was a public speaker, a champion debater, a canoeist and a photographer. He utilized his energy and abilities to the fullest and helped in paving a way to create possible cure for deadly diseases in future.

Character sketch of Ebright's mother


Ebright was very young when he lost his father. His mother was his companion all the time. She was the person in his life who was a constant source of motivation and encouragement. She was a devoted mother who spent most of his time with young Ebright. She recognized his curiosity and creativity and encouraged her child's interest in learning. She bought him the book 'The Travels of Monarch X' which was an important event in Ebright's life. She also bought telescopes, microscopes, cameras and mounting materials and other equipment. She found thing for him to do. She arranged everything which she could for his active and sharp brain. She recognized his curiosity, gave him direction and provided him with all needed for his research. Ebright's mother efforts and support for him proved instrumental to make him able to do his great research in the field of science.

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