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Summary of chapter His first flight English

His First Flight Summary(short summary)

The story is about a young seagull who is afraid to fly. He observes all his siblings take their first flight but he cannot get himself to take the plunge. He feels that his wings will never support him to fly into the sky and so he hesitates each time he runs to the brink of the ledge. However, his mother's ingenuity empowers him to soar into the boundless skies with the vast expanse of the sea stretched down beneath him. The lesson explicitly explains his fears and doubts initially and his exhilarated feelings, as he finally soars into the skies with his family beside him.

Summary of His First Flight class 10 English chapter 3 ( key points )

• It is an interesting story of a young seagull who was afraid of flying. 
• He did not have confidence. He was full of pessimism.
• His parents, brothers and sister encouraged, scolded, tempted and taunted him to make his first flight. But he could not collect enough courage to fly.
• He was left alone for twenty fours and he ate nothing. He was extremely hungry. 
• His mother was looking at him. He begged her for food.
• She picked up a piece of fish and flew across him.
• The sight of food maddened him. He dived.
• He cried and screamed. His wings opened up automatically. 
• He flapped his wings. He was joined by his family in his first flight. 
• His family praised him for his efforts
and offered him scraps of dog fish.

Q. What is the theme of the chapter  "His First Flight"?

Ans. The theme chapter one has very firm and strict disciplinarian children. This has illustrated the example the parents of the young seagull. The seagull had courage to an attempt fly. he had his own doubts and fears.
•The parents were bent upon teaching him to fly. So, they did listen his pleading for food. They kept him hungry. 
It did not mean that they had no love or kind feelings for young one. They knew that if they displayed their kindness, he would never learn how to fly. So, they remained strict. They made him the risk.

• Their strict discipline worked and he learnt how to fly.

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