💥How did Mrs. Pumphrey Treat Tricki 💥

English Questions And Answers class 10

How did Mrs pumphrey treat tricki

Q.1 How did Mrs pumphrey treat Tricki?

Mrs. Pumphrey was a rich but overindulgent lady. She was an ignorant kind of person. She had a pet dog Tricki, whom she loved more than anything. Her way of showing love was very different. She overfed Tricki. She showed her concern by giving him rich and extra diet between meals which finally made Tricki ill. In the beginning she tried to follow the doctor's advice but couldn't follow it regularly as she thought that it would make Tricki tired even though it was necessary for him. She pampered her pet in every possible way. He had a wardrobe of clothes for every season, different bowls for each meal, toys and what not. Her way of loving was not normal. But she was also a kind-hearted lady who finally burst into tears while parting with her dog. She had all human qualities as she didn't forget to thank Mr.
Herriot at the end.

Q.2. Why is Mrs. Pumphrey worried about Tricki ?

Mrs pumphrey observes that Tricki is a little listness and less active. She thinks he is suffering from malnutrition and needs more energy.

Q.3. Why is he tempted to keep Tricki on as a permanent guest?.

Mr harriod told Mrs pumphrey on phone that Tricki had started recovering. Mrs pumphrey started sending eggs, wine, and Brandy for Tricki to give him extra trength. As it was not wise  to give such things to a dog, Mr harriod and his friends themselves started feasting on them. They enjoyed these feasts so much that Mr harriod was tempted to keep Tricki as a permanent guest.

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