The Necklace Summary class 10 English

As we all know that our school notebooks uses a complex language for chapter writing, so many of students don't able to understand the chapter.

So in this article I have explained the whole chapter The Necklace Summary class 10 in simple language so that anyone can understand it ,so  let's start the summary of chapter The Necklace.

The Necklace Summary class 10 English

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The Necklace class 10 summary

GIST:  The lesson of the story is 'Honesty is the best policy'. If Matilda honestly told her friend the truth about the necklace, she would have learned that the necklace wasn't made of real diamonds. That would have saved her from living a miserable life for ten years. It is a fact that many a time people either hide the truth to avoid punishment. However, it should always be kept in mind that the ones close to us will never hold us responsible for little follies, if we tell the truth and accept our mistakes.

The Necklace Summary class 10 (theme)

It is the story of a beautiful young woman born to a non-wealthy family; she marries but dreams of an affluent life. Unfortunately, these dreams of a different life eventually lead to her downfall. She is married to a clerk who works in the Ministry of Education.

Matilda lives in an illusory world where her actual life does not match the ideal life she has in her head-she believes that her beauty and charm make her worthy of greater things. The party is a triumph because for the first time, her appearance matches the reality of her life. Her life, in the few short hours of the party, is as she feels it should be. However, beneath this rightness and seeming match of appearances and reality is the truth that her appearance took a great deal of scheming and work.

When they return home after the party gets over. She reveals her necklace is missing. Matilda does heavy housework and losses her beauty and youthfulness to pay back the debt taken to return the necklace. Everything she has is a warm memory of being admired in that one ball.

Summary of chapter the necklace class 10 English (point wise)

•This story is about a pretty lady, Matilda Loisel who lived in a small yet cosy flat with her husband.

•He expected his wife to be excited upon seeing the invitation letter. On the contrary, when his wife saw the invite, she expressed her resentment over it

•One fine day, Mme Loisel's husband brought her an invitation to a grand ball party at the Minister's residence.

•Matilda was unhappy about her condition and always desired to be rich.

•Her husband worked as a clerk in the office of the Board of Education and loved his wife very much.
When asked, she complained of not having a pretty dress to wear on such a grand occasion.

•Her loving husband gave her all his savings of four hundred francs to buy a beautiful dress. He had saved that amount for buying a rifle for himself, but gave the money to his wife to buy her dress.

•She felt that she didn't have any matching jewellery to pair with her lovely dress. To this, her husband suggested she request her friend, Mme Jeanne Forestier for a neck-piece. 9.Matilda went to Jeanne's house immediately and borrowed a sparkling diamond necklace.

• Mme Loisel went to the ball party with her husband and was happy about her appearance. They enjoyed a gala time at the party.

•Matilda realised that the necklace was missing around her neck. . Her husband immediately went to search the streets just in case it might have fallen there, but to no avail.

•They decided to borrow the money to buy the expensive necklace. They bought the necklace with all the money they had and borrowed funds.

•In the next few years, their condition worsened as their lives took a drastic turn due to the huge loan.

•Matilda did all the household chores by herself. Ten years passed and with that their appearances also changed due to extreme work load.

•One day, Matilda met Mme Jeanne Forestier who couldn't identify her as she looked weary and aged.

•Mme Loisel revealed the truth to her friend how she and her husband were left in ruins for repaying the loan of the expensive necklace.

•Hearing this, Mme Forestier was stunned and told her that the necklace that she gave her for the ball party was a fake necklace that was worth not more than five hundred francs.

Character sketch of chapter the necklace

The character sketches of casts of chapter the necklace are given below.

Character sketch of Matilda


Matilda is the young and beautiful wife of Mr. Loisel, a clerk in the board of Education. She is proud of her elegant beauty. She is unhappy with her poor lot. She thinks she is a victim of social injustice and irony of fate. She feels she has been deprived of the comforts and luxuries which she might have enjoyed by marrying a rich man. But all this does not mean that she does not love her husband. Of course, she loves Mr Loisel.
Matilda is a simple, childlike immature girl until she finds herself face to face with the bitter consequences of her folly. The loss of the necklace proves a turning point in the development of her character. It makes her a careful and responsible woman.

Matilda thus plays two different roles in the story. Before the loss of the necklace, she is a thoughtless, ungrateful, proud beauty, unhappy with the poverty of her husband. After the loss she becomes a mature, humble and grateful wife who can gladly sacrifice every pleasure to get her husband out of his financial misery. This change in her character makes her a lovable character in spite of all her faults and follies.

Character sketch of Mr. Loisel

M. Loisel is married to Matilda and works as a clerk in the Ministry of Education. He cares very much for his wife, and it is to make her happy that he procures an invitation to the party hosted by the Minister of Education. M. Loisel's generosity contrasts sharply with his wife's vanity and selfishness. For instance, he sacrifices his dream of buying a rifle to go hunting with his friends on the plains of Nanterre in order to buy a new dress for Matilda. He searches tirelessly for the necklace when it is lost, and he sacrifices his inheritance, his honor, and takes on an enormous amount of debt to replace it.
Mr Loisel is a simple man working as a clerk. He loves his wife and does everything to make her happy. He gets an invitation to a ball with his wife. When his wife wants a costly necklace, he suggests she should borrow a necklace from her rich friend, Madame Forestier. When Matilda loses her necklace, he uses his hard-earned savings to buy a new necklace. He starts working very hard to repay the debt they had incurred. Mr Loisel is ready to make an enormous sacrifice to maintain his family. He is a man who believes in living a life within one's means. Unfortunately, because he is lenient towards his wife, he has to undergo much suffering.ves him deeply though much of the credit for this love goes to the husband.

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