The Thief's Story Summary class 10 English

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The Thief's Story Summary class 10

The Thief story summary (gist)

The Thief's story by Ruskin Bond is much more than just a tale of a thief. The narrative focuses on fundamental human connections and ideals. A robber will find its simplar to burgle a man who is greedy. Even a robber find it challenging to burglarize a thoughtless and trustworthy individual. A 15 year old burglar is the subject of the tale. To avoid the police and his previous employers he used to alter his name once a month. He referred to himself as Hari Singh this time Anil the second character is the narrative, is a 25 years old author. One day the thief runs into Anil and begs if he may work for him. Anil becomes friend with this young boy. Who was complete faith in him. The tale reveals how the robber  tricked Anil by committing fraud before backing out.

The Thief's story summary (keypoints)

• Hari Singh is a small time thief . His real name is not Hari Singh , he keeps on changing names to escape from police.

• His modus operandy is that he earns the trust of people and then robs them and fleece.

• When he sees Anil, he thinks of robbing him and hence approaches him and asks for work.

• Anil, being a simple person let's his work and even starts teaching him how to cook.

• Hari Singh is delighted when Anil starts teaching him write. 
• Hari steals a little money daily when he goes to buy daily groceries.

• One day when he gets a chance , he steals money from Anil and runs away.

• But at the station, he has a change of heart and comes back.
• He is now happy and contented to live with Anil.

Theme of  "the Thief's story"

The story, The Thief by Ruskin Bond, "is based on the theme of friendship, betrayal. aspirations, connection, trust, guilt, change, kindness, loyalty, revenge and honesty. The story is based on the fact that how love and kindness can transform even the most destructive minds of criminals and thief in this cruel world.

It is easy to judge someone but it takes character and strength to understand someone's situation and step in their shoes to see life from their lens. Anil is a quintessential example of empathy who always empathized with Hari and understood that nobody had taught him basic manners and moral values and that is why he had become a thief. 

Genuineness always melts the heart of the other person and motivates him/her to amend their wrong ways and walk upon the right path and at last, because of Anil's
genuineness Hari transformed and took a firm decision to change his life and give
his life a proper direction.

Character sketch of chapter the Thief's story

Character sketch of Anil

 Anil is a kind ,simple and easy going young man. He is a tall and lean statured and has interest in sports like wrestling. He is not very rich and cannot offer to employ Hari as a cook. He has the patience and goodness to know only teach Hari to cook but also to read, right and add numbers. Though he knows about Hari's stealing money from the groceries, he ignores this fact.

Anil is a writer who writes for magazines and makes money in fits and starts. He is a very interesting person. Even when he earns a large amount of money he keeps the money under his mattress and not in a safe box.
Anil age generous enough to pay Hari a certain portion of the money which Hari tried to steel from him earlier. He has a fo giving nature and forgives Hari for his theft without letting him know of his Discovery. He continuous to be a good man to Hari.

Character sketch of Hari

Hari Singh is a small boy who has had a rough life. The experience of life that he had from close quarters had made him visit about survival. He had no one to guide or correct him and hence, he choose whichever path he felt was appropriate. He has had to resort to robbing to make ends meet. Despite this, when he gets an opportunity to change his ways, he does so. He releases that being educated and earning money will bring him respect which robbing and stealing will not. He is a boy of strong character and is one who knows right and wrong. He is ready to learn from his mistakes and take the right path to success.


In this article, we know about summary of chapter the Thief's story of class 10 English.

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